Where to buy Cotton Medium Door Mat online?

mat00-29-30-31-32-33-christy-s-collection-christy-s-set-of-5-400x400-imaeyf3eayabazgeFeatures of Christy’s Collection Cotton Medium Door Mat:

A doormat is understated yet essential household utility. The Shades of Paradise Door Mats by Christy’s Collection can be used for wiping feet clean while entering a living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Multipurpose Door Mats

Place these doormats at your home’s entrance to let people wipe their feet clean before entering. You can place them at your kitchen’s or bedroom’s entrance so that you enter these areas of your house with clean feet.This pack features 5 door mats which can be used to cover the floor near most entrances in your home.These door mats feature bright colours which you can match with a room’s décor.

Buy Door Mat for Rs.229