How to buy Dont Lose Out, Work Out! (English) book?

dont-lose-out-work-out-200x200-imadryqmztpfy3thSpecifications of Dont Lose Out, Work Out! (English) (Paperback):

Stress and work are the two facts of modern age. There is no getting away from them. And not to forget the fact, that we are forever stuck in front of our machines, seated all throughout, without any scope to workout. Rujuta Diwekar’s book, “Don’t Lose Out, Workout” shows us how to work out in the middle of our hectic schedules.

The book shows you why exercise is important and how you can do it, despite having no time for it. Rujuta breaks all myths and gives the reader unique and quick ways to exercise. With her experience, Rujuta tells you all about working out in the right manner and maintain a healthy diet at the same time. “Don’t Lose Out, Workout” is a simple and effective book on not to lose out on the most essential components of modern life – working out. ”

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