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stay-hungry-stay-foolish-200x200-imadbh34vwhz8qytDescription of Stay Hungry Stay Foolish:

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is a collection of stories about twenty-five IIM-Ahmedabad graduates who decided to stay out of the corporate world, and instead chose the road less taken. These men and women became entrepreneurs, and climbed the ladder of success.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish shows how all these individuals come from different backgrounds, work in different industries, and have different outlooks, but they all strongly believe in the power of their dreams. This book has been divided into three parts, namely The Believers, The Alternate Vision and The Opportunists. The first portion talks about the hardship faced by entrepreneurs like Sanjeev Bikhchandani, who started, and the founder of Educomp, Shantanu Prakash.

The Opportunists focuses on people who were not inclined towards ownership, but their inventiveness turned them into entrepreneurs. The story of how Ruby Ashraf made her hobby into a business is inspiring. The last section focuses on individuals who have taken the entrepreneurial path to do things that impact culture and society. Creator of consultancy firm Chlorophyll, Anand Halveā€™s story, is covered here. Some other IIM-A, alumni whose stories have been included in this book are R. Subramanian, the owner of the Subhiksha group, and Sunil Handa, the founder of the Ekalavya Educational Foundation.

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