Pendrive Online Shopping – Tips to Help you Buy

If you are looking to buy cheap and best Pendrives, then purchasing it from online shopping websites will be the wisest thing to do. The main reason for us to recommend these sites is the choices they offer

Pendrive prices have come down drastically making it affordable for everyone. Here we share some top features & tips to keep in mind when you get ready to buy pendrives online.

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Pendrive Buying Tips

To help you choose the right pendrive, here are some important features that you can consider,

1. How much space do you need?

Pendrives are available from 2GB & goes upto 128 GB. The prices also vary according to the space.

It is advisable to go for a 8GB or 16GB pendrives as they are future proof & you get huge amount of space so you need not worry about storing large collection of songs or movies.


2. What is the warranty period?

Nowadays almost all pendrives manufactured by top companies come with a warranty period.For example

  • Transcend pendrives carry life warranty
  • HP pendrives come with 2 years replacement warranty  &
  • Sandisk pendrives are sold with 5 yr replacement warranties.

But if you are careful in handling these drives and store in normal conditions – pendrives will last even longer.

It’s not difficult to come across people using the same pendrive for more than 5 years.


3. Standard or funky designs?

The moment one thinks about pendrive, you think of a black material with size of your thumb with USB port at the top. But fancy pen drives with funky designs are available for those looking for something unique.

On sale are USB drives in the shape of bottle, can opener, wrist band, animal faces, hearts & much more.

The prices of these fancy pendrives may be slightly higher than the standard ones.

For those who are only looking only for storage & not concerned about the drive looks, give these drives a pass.