Sandisk Pen Drive 16GB

USB pen drives have become a necessity today with personal computers, tablets & laptops being used everywhere.With this you can carry documents, photos & videos anywhere.

Sandisk is a popular name in storage devices & here is their 16 GB pen drive which is available online for the price mentioned to the left.

Sandisk Cruzer Blade Features

Capacity:  16 GB

Encryption:  128-bit AES Encryption

Supports:  Windows: XP & above, Mac: 10.5 & above

Warranty:  5 Year Replacement Warranty

As you can see from the image, this Sandisk Cruzer Blade pendrive is black & red in color.It is also said to be feather light, ultra portable & facilitates easy transfer of media files (like music & video clips)

Since you also get a 5 year replacement warranty, there need not be any worry about its functioning.

Reviews lists this pen drive for a very cheap price & most customers have rated this usb pen drive at the highest scale. In addition, their reviews are also positive making sandisk as the top selling pen drive online